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Just like any mechanical equipment, boilers are not meant to last forever. In fact, if your boiler is already 15 years or older and needing frequent repairs, it may be time to replace the unit. While this may be hard to hear, especially when you think about the upfront cost of getting a new boiler, replacing the system always proves to be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. If you’ve found yourself typing ‘boiler replacement near me’ into the Google search bar and have become overwhelmed with the results, we are here to help. If you’re looking for a boiler replacement in the Barnet, Edmonton, Highgate or surrounding North London areas, contact Bluewater Plumbing today

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To get started, contact us at 0208 323 5678 and schedule an appointment. Our North London heating specialists are looking forward to helping you with all your boiler replacement needs.

Reasons You Might Need to Replace Your Boiler

There can be several reasons why your boiler needs replacing, however some of the most common reasons for replacing boilers include:

  • Boiler is too old – Boilers older than 15 years old typically need replacing, as they have most likley reached the end of their lifecycle and maintenance and repairs become much more difficult to carry out
  • Boiler is no longer Efficient – older boilers generally tend to have low efficiency ratings which could be costing you more in heating bills. Replacing your boiler with a more energy efficient boiler can help to save money.
  • Boiler requires frequent repairs– If your boiler needs repairing frequently and you’ve had to call an emergency heating engineer one too many times, then it might be more cost effective in the long run to have your boiler replaced.

For more information on our boiler replacement service or if you need any more information don’t hesitate to contact us.


Boiler Replacement Process

Some people choose to wait until their boiler no longerw woks until they decide to replace it, while others choose to replace it before it dies. At some point though, the money you would put towards continuing to repair your boiler  would be better invested in a new boiler. If you are not sure where that point is or how much life your heating system has left in it, give us a call and we can complete a boiler service, and give you our expert opinion.

When you call us, we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you and send one of our expert engineers out. Your service provider will carefully assess the problems with your boiler and then will explain them to you in a language you can understand.

We will always do our best to give you options. This may include choosing between emergency repair and replacement. If you are facing complete system failure, it may involve choosing between different replacement options.

No matter your choices, we will outline the options along with the pros and cons of each. We aim to help you balance the overall cost with efficiency and with how likely your system is to require further repair. You will have time to ask questions, think about the decision, and talk it over with your family members.

Boiler Replacement Cost

At Bluewater, we understand the financial stress that a boiler replacement can cause. Not only is there the cost of the system and installation to consider but also if your new system will help to minimise your energy costs in the long run. Our engineers will review your current system and only advise replacement when necessary or if requested. We will evaluate your family’s energy needs and provide you with a fitting system. Ensuring you have the correct system installed for your needs is crucial for keeping monthly energy costs to a minimum. Contact Bluewater today for a quote on your boiler replacement.

Areas We Cover For Boiler Replacements

As your local boiler installers in North London, we cover a number of areas in North London to offer you the utmost convenience when you require boiler replacement services. If you are looking for someone to replace you boiler in the Barnet, Enfield, Southgate, Finchley, Crouch End, Highgate, Edmonton, Musehill, Tottenham, Woodgreen or Chingford contact us today.

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