Low Water Pressure Causes and Solutions

Low water pressure can be caused by a wide variety of factors, making simple activities such as showering or washing the dishes more difficult and time consuming.

Some of the causes are easily fixed, whereas others may need more investment and the help of a qualified plumber to install. But let’s first stand with possible reasons behind your low water pressure.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Firstly, as already pointed out there are a myriad of possible reasons that you’re experiencing low water pressure within your home, so we are going to focus on the most common here.

First, check what time of day you experience low water pressure problems. If you notice a pattern of say, low pressure in the mornings and early evenings, it could be that high demand in the system is causing water to approach your home at a lower pressure.

Next, check your stop valve.

This is normally located under your kitchen sink or underneath your boiler. It usually looks like either a tap head with no faucet or a brightly-coloured lever. It could be that you’ve recently had work done on the house and this tap hasn’t been fully re-opened, leaving you with poorly pressurised water.

Make sure that it is the fully open position, and see if that makes a difference to your pressure.

The remaining likely causes of low water pressure stem from your mains water supply pipe. It could be that the pipe is old and therefore susceptible to build-ups and blockages, reducing the supply of water to your home.

For the same reasons, it may have also corroded to the extent that it leaks, meaning a sizeable proportional of water pumped to your house is lost before it reaches its final destination.

Finally, the size of your supply pipe may the issue.

The original supply pipe may have been installed years ago, and whilst it was fit for purpose then, it can no longer supply water at a pressure to meet the demands of your modern appliances.

Solutions for Low Water Pressure

Just as there are a range of causes for low water pressure there are a range of possible solutions. Let’s start with a booster pump.

Water Pressure Booster Pump

If your issue is that the mains water supply is just too low, then installing a water pressure booster pump may provide a simple fix.

They work by allowing the water supply to pass through the device before pumping it back out at a higher pressure, improving pressure across your home’s water-dependent appliances.

It’s important to note that installing a booster pump directly to the mains water supply is illegal, as the added pressure can damage pipework and other critical infrastructure. So make sure you find a suitable spot within your home to install this device.

Water Accumulator

Whilst installing a water accumulator does not work in the same manner as a booster pump it can have the same effect, and in many cases prove much more effective.

Water accumulators are added to systemsto store substantial volumes of water that’s readily available to meet household demand. This allows homeowners to receive that water at normal pressure levels, rather than depending on poorly-pressurised mains water.

They come in a range of sizes, with some accumulators storing as much as 500 litres.

Water Mains Upgrades

Your mains water supply pipes, if left untouched for decades are likely to have developed some or all of the issues listed above.

Therefore, often the best solution is to upgrade the mains water supply pipe to your house. By installing a brand new, leak- and blockage-free pipe, you’ll immediately notice the pressure benefits.

You can also decide to increase the size of the supply pipe; increasing the volume of water coming into your premises. A larger pipe will provide significantly more water at a pressure capable of meeting the demands of your home.

Get Expert Help to Fix Your Low Water Pressure Issues

Whatever solution you decide to opt for, you will need the help of a qualified plumber for installation. Here at Bluewater Plumbing our team of plumbing experts assess your needs and recommend a solution that’s a great fit for your requirements and budget.

If you wish to get some free no-obligation advice regarding your low water pressure, then don’t hesitate the ring our friendly team on 0208 323 5678 to discuss your options.

Low Water Pressure Causes and Solutions

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