Top Tips on How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

As temperatures drop and heating expenses rise, it is important to prepare your home for the cold weather and wrap up warm during the winter nights. Keeping warm protects your body and helps you fight colds and infections. Here at Bluewater Plumbing and Heating, our engineers are Gas Safe registered. If you require our heating services, contact Bluewater here. We will keep your house nice and warm.

So grab yourself a hot chocolate and let’s get down to business. Below we have provided a list of the best ways to keep you and your house warm this year without needing to spend a fortune.

How to Stay Warm in Winter

Looking for new ways to stay warm? Below are some great ways you can stay warm this winter:

  • Grab a hot water bottle and keep yourself warm
  • Stay active in and out of the house, do household chores
  • Have regular hot drinks and food, carry a thermal flask
  • Add blankets to your duvet
  • Wear thicker clothes
  • Stay on top of the weather forecast, look for any chances
  • Take a hot shower or bath
  • Drink more water – in cold weather, you are more likely to get dehydrated
  • Carry spare gloves, to swap when your fingers get cold

Now that you know how to stay warm in winter, let’s move on to keeping your house warm.

How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

Wearing a woolly jumper and adding layer upon layers is a good way to stay warm. However, your house should be able to keep you from getting cold without the help of sweaters. We recommend you get a quote from us if you need your boiler serviced or installed.

1. Check your radiators

Radiators are simple to look after as they require minimal seasonal maintenance to keep them going for years to come. Checking them in summer is usually better as plumbers are more available during the summer months but also because you can see what is working ahead of time when you will need it. To get the most out of your radiator, try moving furniture so nothing covers the radiators.

Is your radiator cold? Remember to check your radiators to ensure that it has an even temperature all around. If it is cold at the bottom, there is a problem.

Here are a few reasons why this might happen:

  • There is something wrong with your boiler – hot water or water pressure
  • The valves are stuck
  • Your heating pump isn’t working, if you have one
  • There is trapped air in your radiator

2. Use rugs in your home

Use small rugs in your bathrooms and bedrooms to cover large floor space. Floors without rugs tend to feel a lot colder and make you cold too. If you cannot use rugs, wear slippers or socks to stay warm.

3. Hang up heavy curtains

Heavy curtains carry more weight and therefore, makes it easier to keep the cold air out. It is advised to leave them open until night-time.

4. Close windows and doors

Closing your windows and doors will eliminate draughts and maintain the heating temperature.
Spend more time upstairs as hot air rises and think about installing insulation or underfloor heating to save money and keep heat inside.

Install a new boiler

Modern boilers are much more efficient than older models. If your heating system is more than ten years old you should consider replacing it with a more efficient boiler. Costs and savings will vary depending on how well your boiler works, fuel type, and house type.

What Do You Do if Your Boiler Breaks Down?

If you are experiencing a boiler breakdown or any other type of heating system emergency, contact us straight away for immediate help. Don’t worry, we are a friendly team and will come to you as soon as we can. If you need your boiler repaired or replaced, we have got you covered.

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