Top 5 reason to get a Worcester Bosch boiler

Worcester Bosch boilers are a very popular and a highly regarded brand amongst plumbers. Their products are renowned for their high quality operation and brilliant manufacturing. Customers rate their Worcester Bosh boilers highly not only for their efficiency and convenience but also their wide range of models and options. Here at Bluewater, our engineers are experienced with the Worcester Bosch brand and their systems. We find the systems heavily reliable and a joy to work with.

  1. Easy to work on and install

    Worcester Bosch boilers are renowned for their convenience when it comes to plumbers needing access to the inner system. They also offer maximum convenience when it comes to boiler installation. You can open up the boiler, remove the casing and put the jig on the wall. They’re also known for their competent materials and being well made and finished. Due to the use of a jig, you can pipe and test the boiler before putting it up. This will reduce damage as once everything is working efficiently, the boiler can just be clipped on. The systems easy access feature, also allows minimum inconvenience should you require any boiler repairs.

  2. Boilers for every home

    Worcester Bosh are renowned for having a large range of boiler types and sizes. They’re a brand that can be trusted to provide an efficient system for all property types. Included in their range are floor standing or wall hung boilers that can make placement less stressful. They also offer a compact range that can fit into cabinets to reduce the impact on the decor of your home. Their vast range of systems also means that the risk of emergency plumbing costs due to a system that is not fit for your homes needs, are reduced.

  3. Market leading guarantee

    Shopping around for boilers can be a confusing and stressful experience. There are many different brands and models all with different lengths of guarantee. Worcester Bosh offers an outstanding level of guarantee including up to 8 years cover on combi boilers when installed by an accredited engineer. Unlike other limited guarantees, you’re covered for anything that could go wrong or cause your system to break down.

  4. Excellent energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency is vital for boilers, to keep energy bills to a minimum and ensure your system is environmentally friendly. Due to the savings that they create over time, energy efficient boilers are a great investment.  All Worcester Bosch boilers are A-rated and the most energy efficient products you will find in the market. The Greenstar range are A+ for efficiency and has a 98% efficiency rate.

  5. Long lifetime

    There are of course steps to help maintain boiler health and efficiency such as boiler servicing. Not only will this maintain your boiler but it will also keep your warranty valid. Boilers are an important investment and a vital part of making your home comfortable. You want to make sure that you’re buying a boiler that is going to operate at maximum efficiency and last you a substantial amount of time. When compared to their competitors on the market, Worcester Bosch boilers have been proven to last longer.

    If you’re looking to install a new Worcester Bosh boiler system, or are looking for advice on maintaining your current system, call Bluewater today. Our engineers are highly trained with expertise in all aspects of all Worcester Bosch systems.

Top 5 reason to get a Worcester Bosch boiler

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