Worcester Bosch vs Valliant Boiler Comparison

For a number of years, the best-rated boilers have come from two of the most dominant brands in the industry, Worcester Bosch and Valliant respectively.

So is it possible to differentiate between each brand? Does one have the edge over the other? Or are they both too similar to indicate a clear winner?

Who are Worcester Bosch?

Worcester Bosch began life as Worcester Engineering in 1962, based (unsurprisingly) in Worcester. Over the next few decades, Worcester Engineering built up a solid reputation for their boilers and heating products before becoming part of the behemoth European Bosch group in 1992.

Interestingly, this companyholds the Royal Warrant to supply heating products to the Royal Family. Finally, they have consistently performed well in both customer satisfaction and engineer recommendation surveys, landing them the Which? “Best Buy” brand for 6 years running.

Who are Valliant?

Valliant has been a company for nearly 100 years longer than Worcester Bosch. Founded in Germany in 1874, founder Johann Valliant initially opened his workshop as a copper beater and pump maker.

However, over the next century, Valliant went on to become responsible for a great deal of plumbing and heating innovations, including the bathroom water heater and the central heating boiler.

Despite being a German company, their boilers are manufactured in the UK. They are also the only brand to have been awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation by the International Eco-Award Scheme.

Worcester Bosch vs Valliant Specifications

Of course both manufacturers make a wide range of boilers, but for our review we are just going to use their Combi boilers as a benchmark since they are the most commonly installed on the market.

Both of their Combi models have A ratings for their efficiency, with Worcester Bosch rated 93% and Valliant 89.4% respectively. Both brands are LGP compatible and as you’d expect the Valliant is the quieter of the two coming in at 46 decibels (dB) as opposed to the Worcester Bosch’s 50 dB.

Both brands are similar in terms of their boilers sizes, with the Worcester Bosch offering compact sizes to fit inside tighter spaces such as kitchen cupboards. Lastly, both sets of boilers can be controlled either manually or remotely via thermostats (including smart thermostats such as Hive).

Worcester Bosch vs Valliant Warranties and Repairs

Since Worcester Bosch, and to a very similar extent Valliant, have such great customer and engineer satisfaction reviews you’d expect their products to stand the test of time; which they do.

Engineers don’t have any common faults to report in their surveys and if something does go wrong, both brands have engineers and spare parts based in the UK to fix any issues as part of their respective 5 year warranties.

Both warranties are extendable up to 10 years, but each company has their own separate set of requirements for doing so.

Valliant simply ask you to pay a fee to extend the warranty. However, Worcester Bosch provide it for free on the basis that you use a Worcester Bosch accredited installer and you have your boiler serviced annually.

Worcester Bosch vs Valliant Price

The most important factor for many people looking to install a new boiler will be price.

However, the truth is there isn’t much in it between the two companies. For a standard Worcester Bosch Combi boiler, you will be paying in the range of £750-£950, whereas a Valliant Combi boiler will be a touch more expensive at £1000 – £1150.

Prices will always vary depending on what specific specification you opt for and where you source your boiler from.

Worcester Bosch vs Valliant – Which Is Better?

As you may already be able to tell, there is very little to separate these two deservedly-popular brands.

Worcester Bosch do have a slightly lower starting prices, higher customer satisfaction scores, and efficiency ratings. However, they are noisier than their Valliant counterparts and have more conditions on their extended warranties.

Therefore, your decision is likely to be made based on personal preference more than anything else.

As accredited installers of both Worcester Bosch and Valliant we can offer free advice regarding your specific plumbing set up and we won’t be beaten on installation prices. So make sure to give us a call on 0208 323 5678 today to talk to a member of our team about your boiler options.

Worcester Bosch vs Valliant Boiler Comparison

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